Installation and Setup

If you are a new Python developer, or are unsure what pip even is, try starting here.

The easiest way to install the base version of Disco is through Python's pip utility. To simply install the most minimal version of Disco, simply run:

pip install disco-py

Optional Dependencies

Disco provides a set of optional dependencies which add various bits of functionality or performance changes when installed. These can all be installed in a similar fashion to Disco;

pip install disco-py[performance]
Name Explanation Versions
voice Adds functionality required to connect and use voice Both
http Adds a built-in HTTP server w/ Flask, allowing plugins to handle HTTP requests Both
music Adds the ability to stream and play music from various third party sites Both
performance Adds a faster JSON parser (ujson) and an ETF encoding parser 2.x Only
sharding Adds a library which is required to enable auto-sharding 2.x Only
docs Adds a library required to build this documentation Both

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