Disco is a simple, clean and extendable library for the Discord API. Disco is built and aimed at developers looking to quickly start building bots that can be grown and extended to live on thousands of servers, and have immense functionality. To facilitate this, Disco provides a clean and simple interface which gets out of the way, but never sacrifices functionality. Disco is actively used by the staff at Discord to help us build and test Discord.


Disco is still a relatively young library, and as such it bears the "alpha" tag. For the most part, this means that while the general API and functionality may change or vary from version to version, the core concepts and features shouldn't diverge much. A benefit of this comes in the form of bleeding edge features and support for the latest Discord version.


  • Expressive, Idiomatic, and Functional - the API interface stays out of our way, while giving you the required power
  • Performant and Efficient - allowing you to build bots that operate on many thousands of servers, without manual sharding
  • Modular and Extendable - take only the bits you need to build what you want, while being able to add or remove functionality by installing packages
  • Python 2.x/3.x Support - build integrations with the version of Python you need to

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